It’s no secret we can do strange and awesome things. Here’s a primer on what I’ve been able to glean from the old bastard’s logs.


Cutesy name, ain’t it? But the effects can be deadly. When you dodge a bullet, climb walls, or leap tall buildings in a single bound you’re using a Charm. Charms make us able to give and take more damage, talk our way in and out of the roughest sitches, and do some crazy stunts with our rides. If what I’ve read has a scrap of truth to it, the Old Ones used to be able to perform even greater “miracles.” They’re powered by Essence.


Essence is like chi or the force (if you’re into that). It’s the energy of life and we’re built to be able to manipulate it and bend it to our will. Normals can’t see or use Essence like we can, at least most of the time. We can use it, but we can also use it up. Flexing your spiritual muscles a bit too much can cause flareups … literally. I’ve seen displays that go from what looks like a bit of hoochie glitter on the forehead to light shows miles tall. Watch yourself and know your limits. Rest after any significant “activities.”


Not just for posers like Cris Angel and Houdini, my friends. Magic is real and you can do some pretty awesome things with it, or at least you used to be able to. Summoning up chariots made of clouds, calling up demons and raining fire from the sky … sorcerers were forces to be reckoned with. Unfortunately, the old bastard didn’t leave a hint of how we could go about learning how to do that. I’m still working on it, though.

For the players:

Add 1 WP to the cost of all charms at Essence 3+ that do not currently have that listed in the activation cost. Add a cost to the activation of Knacks or Charms that list a shapeshifting description in their text. The cost is (the minimum Attribute requirement of the Knack/Charm – the PC’s [Stamina]) to a minimum of 1 in dice of unsoakable bashing damage. Shifting to true forms (Spirit shape, true human form and war form), shifting to another human shape of the same gender, and making cosmetic changes to forms (as with Changing Plumage Mastery) does not carry a minimum damage (and the damage can thus be reduced to 0).

Essence replenishes at the rate of 4 motes per hour when meditating or sleeping and 2 motes per hour when active. For Lunars, increase the rate to 6 motes per hour if meditating or sleeping in a true form or 4 motes if active in a true form in a wilderness area.

Essence pools are now calculated:
  • Personal pool: Essence + Willpower + Highest Virtue
  • Solar Peripheral pool: Essence x 6 + Willpower x 2 + Highest Virtue
  • Lunar Peripheral pool: Ess x 4 + Willpower x 2 + Highest Virtue x 2

Sorcery and Necromancy are not currently available. Thaumaturgy is still available.


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