Used to be there were a few special materials out of which the Old Ones built magical devices called Artifacts. We’ve found a few in museums across the world, and getting them back has been a royal pain.


According to the records, this metal was smelting in forges heated by the sun. It’s like gold, but purer and stronger. We’ve seen this made into a few huge swords and a crown. This metal “resonates” better with Solars than any other Exalt.


This metal supposedly grew in the chaos of the Wyld and had to be coaxed out of the ground. The old bastard said he’d gone looking for some, but hadn’t found any. I don’t know if we can trust him, but we do have the panoply of Prince of Doves, should his incarnation ever come back looking for it. The Old Ones believed this metal was sacred to Lunars and Luna and would fight you to the death to reclaim it if you stole some.


This is the only material we know of that’s still around and there are countless jade statues and artifacts. And that’s the problem, really. Jade doesn’t do what it used to anymore, it’s lost a lot of it’s spark. The Old Ones used to alloy it with steel and make weapons and armor out of it. Most of the artifact runs after this stuff have turned out to be wild goose chases, unfortunately.


This is the rarest stuff out there, if the old bastard is to be believed. It used to be made from gods that had been punished and cast down from Heaven. Their bodies would rain down from the sky in the form of a hard, glossy metal that was prized by Sidereals (the morbid screwjobs) and forged into artifacts. The only one I know of is the knife he left behind when he died.

For the players:

Orichalcum and Jade are still somewhat naturally occuring, but Orichalcum is extraordinarily rare and Jade is next to useless unless an ancient pocket of it can be found. Most ancient jade deposits are in areas now considered to be sacred ground and thus are harder to find.

Moonsilver does not occur naturally, as it forms only in the Wyld.

There is no Starmetal that was not around before the Flood. Asteroids, meteorites and the like are now called starstuff and are all touched by the Wyld. It is possible that they may have small moonsilver deposits.

Characters may not start with Artifacts without special permission.


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